Yulia Natalevich
Clinical Psychologist, CBT therapist, Schema-Therapist
Hourly rate: 6 000 rubles

  • Eating disorders and body image issues;
  • Anxiety disorder and depression;
  • Self- esteem issues;
  • Interpersonal relationship difficulties;
  • LGBT friendly.

*Sees patients in Russian and English languages
I believe that providing psychological assistance to people helps them to achieve internal harmony and comfort- it's not just a job, but a Mission. A mission that requires a subtle and nuanced approach to each individual as well as a very careful and balanced attitude to each situation.
Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, Specialist's Degree in Clinical Psychology
Additional Education
Долгосрочное обучение схема-терапии (2019-2020), МИСТ;
«КБТ в клинической практике», МИП;
«CBT-E», The Center of Researching on Eating Disorders at Oxford University;
«DBT Skills Training», Behavioral Tech;
«Essentials of CBT", Beck Institute for CBT;
«CBT practioner», The Academy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy;
«EDIT TM Certified I»- Eating Disorder Treatment, Intuitive Recovery Positive Pathways, Denver, Colorado, USA;
«IPT for Eating disorders», 3С Institute;
«Психологическое консультирование и психотерапия клиентов с сексуальными дисфункциями», Институт Организационной психологии;
«Схема-терапия РПП» Сьюзан Симпсон;
«КБТ социальной тревоги», ЕАКБТ;
КБТ перфекционизма;
«Диалог с глубинами Я: проективные методы в практической работе психолога, ИОП;
«Возможности рисунка и подвижного песка в психотерапевтической работе с проекцией», ИОП.
Work experience
Practice in psychotherapy since 2015
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