We can help
in the most difficult situations
In-Person and Online
MISTherapy is a psychological center and part of the Moscow Institute of Schema Therapy.
We provide evidence-based assistance to people with complex psychological problems using the most modern methods of psychotherapy.

We believe that psychotherapy should be directed towards solving specific problems, and that it should take place in an atmosphere of trust and psychological security.

We provide assistance for the following:
Our specialists provide services both in-person and online. They are trained in the Schema-Therapy approach, CBT, REPT, EMDR and other evidence-based methods of psychological assistance
We provide psychological assistance to the LGBTQ+ community
Our specialists are trained in system family therapy and couples' therapy
We have extensive experience working with adolescents with various problems
We work with cases where other types of therapy have not been effective
Depression, loneliness, loss of interest in life
Constant and intense anxiety
Mental trauma
Problems in interpersonal relationships with others in the family
Low self-esteem, self-doubt, difficulty in making decisions
Help in overcoming crises, difficult life situations
We accept
in a group
in person
We will help you to adapt in an ever-changing world, learn how to take care of yourself and achieve goals effectively.
Why exactly MISTherapy?
We practice only evidence-based psychotherapy, constantly study and practice psychological and psychiatric techniques both abroad and in Russia
We are committed to the highest ethical standards in therapy
Our team has extensive clinical experience and are deeply committed to our work.
All of our therapists work under the regular supervision of accredited specialists
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