The specialists of MISTherapy have experience with both Russian and international psychotherapy techniques, are constantly improving their qualifications, frequently attend seminars and training groups in topics such as: working with adolescents, personality disorders, anxiety and depression, and more. Supervisions and intervisions are regularly held.
We observe the highest ethical standards and clients are accepted through a judgment-free and responsible approach.
Our staff has extensive experience working with foreign clients and provide psychological counseling in Russian, English and French.
We can help in a variety of psychological conditions and problems.
Depression, loneliness, loss of interest in life
Constant and intense anxiety
Mental trauma
Problems in interpersonal relationships with others in the family
Low self-esteem, self-doubt,
difficulty in making decisions
Help in overcoming crises,
difficult life situations
Post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma
Psychosomatic disorders
Personality Disorders
Difficulties with controlling anger, aggression
Sleep disturbances, nightmares
Disorders related to substance use
Eating disorders and body image issues
Loss of a loved one, grief, bereavement
Help for teens
Assistance in professional development
We believe that psychotherapy should be effective and aimed at solving specific problems and should take place in an atmosphere of trust and psychological security.
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